At Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) we're passionate about following Jesus, serious about the Bible, genuinely diverse, and open-minded. You will find a warm welcome whoever you are — straight or gay, conservative or liberal, old or young, rich or poor, married or single, all gender identities, any race or nationality. We are a rainbow congregation!

MCC is an inclusive spiritual community for all of God's people. Whatever your faith background might be, you will find a place where you can strengthen your spiritual journey.

We worship and fellowship together every Sunday at 11 am in Bournemouth and 6.30 pm in South London.

When you come for a visit, you'll find people waiting to welcome you. Join us following each worship service for a cuppa and a time of fellowship and get to know us better!


MCC Twitter

  • Had a great Messy Church planning meeting in Bomo this morning. Join us for our next Messy Church on Saturday 4th Oct from 10 am to 12 noon!
  • Praying for Scotland today.
  • Sad. List of religious buildings for same sex marriages has only Unitarians & Spiritualists except for MCC Bournemouth & 1Baptist in Hulme.
  • Join us in Bournemouth at 7.30 tonight for steak club at Christopher Creeke, just north of Lansdowne roundabout. £6.09 for dinner & drink!
  • So when did @SW_Trains get Wifi? And why didn't anyone tell me! Nice to have for the Sunday trips between MCCs Bournemouth and South London!

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